EURO CAREX : Cargo Rail Express


Development plan (2013)

EPA Plaine de France, Roissy Porte de France and the City of Goussainville have commissioned the French firms Arval and Engineering TUGEC for a study to carry out an overall development scheme of "Roissy Carex" zone.
The project included:

  • The implementation of the multimodal freight platform along the RD317 road in frontof airport runways over an area of about 75 hectares,
  • An area of economic activities deployed on approximately 21 hectares along the RD47 road converted into a metropolitan corridor with a Common Transit Transportation Network. It includes a "Showroom" area located at the entrance to the site, a "small business" and finally a general activity sector in connextion with the Carex platform
  • A large landscaped park on wildlands of Vallée du Croult and large mounds of Bois du Seigneur.

The study describes the overall programming of the site "Carex" identifying operational zoning and a development phasing.