EURO CAREX : Cargo Rail Express


The Roissy Carex business plan (2008)

The Roissy Carex feasibility study's positive conclusions have led to the preparation of a business plan whose results were presented in May 2008.

The objective of this new study was to draw up a 10-year Business Plan for the entire Euro Carex project with a view to seeking new funding from banks, especially the EIB, shareholders, local and regional authorities, public organisations and freight operators.


Average costs per transported container
The study was based on the reference of air container: AMJ

The Carex transport offer proposes 3 price levels corresponding to 3 service levels: Express, Rapid, Differed.
For more information, please visit the Euro Carex service operation page


Volumes identified for Roissy Carex
The traffic between Roissy-CDG and the other Carex Railports has been determined by the customers/shippers involved and expressed in AMJ air container equivalents. It concerns express air freight and Cargo currently transported by air or road and eligible for the Carex rail service.


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